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Welcome to Free Energy Videos - Steorn's Orbo Free Energy Technology is revoultionary. It is an overunity technology which produces more energy than it consumes. Orbo free energy technology works by utilising specific magnetic fields and paths which result in a gain of energy (Free Energy). Steorn discovered Orbo technology by accident in 2003 and have been working on developing it into a commercial reality ever since.

2009 has just been announced as the year that Steorn will launch Orbo commercially. Some of these video clips and movies go back to 2006 when Steorn had just taken out an advert in The Economist magazine looking for a jury of scientists to come and test their free energy technology.



  First Steorn Promotional Video - August 2006 - Free Energy Video   Sean McCarthy (Steorn CEO) Interviewed on Fox News 2006 - Free Energy Video Clip    
  Original Steorn Promo FOX News Interview    
  Original Steorn promotional video explaining the concept and the challenge to science. Neil Cavuto from FOX News interviews Sean McCarthy.    
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  Respected Engineer Validates Steorn Free Energy Claims - Video Clip Steorn Forum Party In Dublin 2006 - Free Energy Video Clip    
  Respected Engineer Thieu Knapen Validates Steorn's Free Energy Technology Forum Party Dublin    
  Thieu Knapen - CEO of Dutch company Kinetron explains how Steorn's technology is "already a miracle". He goes on to say that the rig can be two ro three times better than it is already. Steorn throws a party for members of the public forum back in 2006. The public get to meet company employees and to see they are real.    
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  Sean McCarthy Speaks To Sky News - Free Energy Movie Clip Radio 4 Interview with Sean Mccarthy (Steorn CEO) - Free Energy Audio Clip    
  Sean Talks To Sky News 2006 Steorn Radio 4 Interview    
  This is the proper long version of the Sky News interview where Sean McCarthy (Steorn CEO) talks about their revolutionary free energy technology - Orbo.  

Radio 4 Interview with Sean McCarthy (CEO of Steorn) "If these people are right then they will have shaken the whole of science"Graham Farmer Professor of Physics at Northeastern University, Boston

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  3 Qualified Engineers Validate Steorn's Orbo Technology - There is an unexplainable GAIN of energy! - Free Energy Video Clip   Sean McCarthy Gives A Presentation On Orbo To Students Of UCD (Part 1)- Free Energy Movie Clip    
  steorn orbo launch 2009 video      
  Three qulaified engineers agree with Steorn's findings that there is an unexplainable gain in energy. This video sets the scene for the 2009 launch of Orbo free energy technology.   Sean McCarthy (CEO of Steorn) gives a presentation on their free energy technology Orbo to the students and staff of UCD University College Dublin.    
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